NBA 2K16 (Xbox One)

NBA 2K16 is easily NBA 2K16 MT one of the best basketball games I’ve played in quite some time. It improves upon a solid foundation laid by the previous game, while really upping that sim experience that the series is known for. There are a few pratfalls in the release this year, but by and large if you’re looking for a challenging, fun NBA experience both offline and on, you’ll likely want to check out NBA 2K16.

That being said, I do expect plenty of retailer specific deals for the Xbox One this holiday (Black Friday for example) and I also expect the PS4 to see great deals around the $320 or $300 mark. As above though, when I say I don’t expect a price drop I do mean an official one. Deals will come and go but the RRP will remain $349 for both in my opinion.

We know there’s a lot of website claiming to show how to hack Playstation 4, but the truth is nobody has been successfully able to hack it. Our method does not require to hack Playstation 4 console to play free downloaded ISO games. So after you have burnt your downloaded NBA 2K16 Playstation ISO, you can just insert your DVD in to your PS4 and start playing since, it already has been patched with a valid Playstation Redeem Code. So you’ll have to install it as it was a original copy of that game.

However, once the NBA 2015-16 Season begins late this month, it is likely that gamers will start forgetting about the MyCareer mode and instead focused on the NBA 2K16” league proper itself because that is where the major excitement of the basketball simulation game lies. That’s in addition to the fact that the league mirrors the video game itself so any player or team changes happening within the season in the actual league, NBA 2K16” would likely follow suit soon enough.

The developer has made available last month a number of cheats and locker codes for NBA 2K15” which enabled gamers to get as much as 6,000 Virtual Currency (VC) points, play using an ABA ball, new shoes, add skill points, unlock achievement of claiming 20 contracts, and get either a random prize or just a plain surprise, details the Franchise Herald.